MAP ART: Destination MAP ART

You have arrived at the departure lounge, ready to take flight into the realms and regional landscapes of the Artist. Each and everyone of them ' Tells it like it is.' Each and every one means it. They invite you to take them seriously and to open up, take the time, as they have done, to explore their worlds.

Map Art gives local and nomadic artists the opportunity to present and showcase their artwork in a moving picture gallery. After all it is work. Not only a labour of love but a passion, a way of life, a feeling, a way of making ends meet, a consuming determination, a need and a desire to show you what's inside.

Each Artist takes you on their own personal journey through time and space, colour and light and invites you to share and move in their mysteries and moments of inspiration. As you travel through Map Art you will find Artists who resonate with the Artist in you.

For more information, commissions and sales... please call Chris Townsend on: 0044 (0) 207 9160544 or Email: