MAP ArtAlastair Kenwood

Alastair was born in 1974 near a park, they gave him clothes and fed him to the geese as they did with all the babies then. But the geese liked him and suckled him as one of their own. One day Alastair swallowed a fish hook and was taken to hospital where they gave him a dad, a mum and even a brother. He enjoyed this but missed the geese. He went back to the pond, sadly all the geese had gone. But there were other people, apparently one girl who had been brought up by squirrels and a young boy that still lived in a box with three of mice. Alastair made some friends. Since then Alastair has grown a bit taller and also written poetry and drawn many pictures. He prefers it if you do not eat bread in front of him.
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Silk screen works:
Jack Russell 1 of 2
Zulio 1 of 3
All other work is on canvas please enquire about sizes

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