MAP ArtJocelyn Chaplin

Paintings inspired by African and Carribbean Spirits, Greek MythologyĀ  and the streets of London.
'I grew up in Southern Sudan listening to the distant drumming of local villagers most nights, and joining in when I could. Later I trained in Ghana with the artist Kofi Antobam who combined African traditions with modern approaches. A quote from Jimi Hendrix was my next inspiration... "Life is Rhythm" in Time Magazine 1969. Since then I have been researching the idea of rhythm at all levels and in all dimensions in nature and ourselves. I try to express it on flat canvas or paper as a kind of universal visual language while rooted in particular cultures.'
'I also write about the rhythm model as a philosophy. My latest book is 'Deep Equality - living in the Flow of natural rhythm'. O-Books.2008.'

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Ancestor's grieving Carnival jumping Dionysus in Skyros Dionysus Ellen in London
Goat dancers on Skyros Isis in London Love at the Rock Moon goddess Pan fruition
Pan in red Pan spirits Rasta sunrise Sea nymph in Skyros Sound systems
Temple in Skyros Yearning for the moon Young Dionysus