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Medland Reynolds
Art & Ancestral Memory

Medland has had a life long obsession with the ancestral memory, and has dedicated his life to revealing an Ancient hidden past. A past, from which the track has been obliterated, like footprints in the sand.

Via his art, in the form of paintings, Medland conveys in multi-dimensional images, an access point or portal to the inner world of our forefathers. Being an acute observer of the cycles of nature, he has discovered and collects ancient artefacts, which include Pre Ice Age stone tools and implements, steles of revealing and votive offerings found in West Penwith, Cornwall. Medland displays these artefacts as a part of a larger installation in his Museum of Earth mysteries. This direct connection and communion with the landscape continues to be a major source of inspiration in Medlands work.

Grinding precious stones and earth pigments through a process of crushing and purification, med land prepares the paint, using the same methods and formulas as early cave artists. This gives the art a sense of permanence in colour and movement in texture. As in other places in the world, such as China and Sum aria, where there has been a wealth of alluvial mineralogy, incredibly advanced civilisations have emerged. Rich in minerals, the process of sub-terrainian mining of precious metals, has been known to the Cornish peoples for millennia. These Ancient native peoples of Cornwall or "LYONESSE" as it was known, were rich in art, technology, spirit and culture. They traded in stone tools, precious metals and minerals and were at the hub of the Bronze Age. Later pioneers of science, engineers, inventors and chemists such as Sir. Humphrey Davey and Richard Trevithick, inspired the industrial revolution with there discoveries and inventions. The continuation, of a rich ancestral heritage.

The work eloquently speaks to us across the bridge of Dynasties. The "speech" in pictographic form, manifests in archetypal images, and explores the universal language. Presented within the exhibition, are a series of Paintings... Steles of revealing... Portals... and the Subject matter. An extended appreciation of this art can be achieved by practising "Trataka" the Yogic art of gazing. Allowing your mind to enter the "Theta- state", that is a brain wave frequency known to neuro-scientists as the bridge between consciousness and sleep. The work is interpreted by the seer, into images of both ancient and modern archetypal situations. Bridging the gap, between conscious and sub-conscious. Not judging the images of the sub/conscious, but simply accepting them as they come into consciousness. "AS IT IS"

Medland considers the work to be an orphan, himself a channel through which the ancients can speak. Well known for his giant sculptures and megalithic musical instruments, the paintings represent a part of a larger installation.

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