MAP ArtAnshu Asthana

Artist Anshu Asthana's work features archetypal themes, borrowing from Christian, Hindu and Shamanic world traditions. The 32 pieces, many of which are based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, are designed to work as a complete, self-contained archetypal set. The images were created by hand in Bhopal, Delhi, Dubai, Manchester and London using a combination of gold and silver pens, acrylic paints and coloured pencils on black paper. They were then individually scanned at high quality and processed by computer, with the subsequent addition of fractals, colour highlights and open source NASA imagery. Each image is unique and highly detailed, with a psychedelic sensibility and a bold use of colour, texture and line. The artwork draws on a multitude of influences, from temple and cave paintings to cartoons and computer game graphics.

The images are available for purchase A3 prints on Artist's board at £60.00 and A5 at £12.50 or as a unique, collectible Tarot set - price on application. All prints and sets are signed by the artist and available exclusively from Map Music Cafe.

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The Fool The Magician The High Priestess The Empress The Star
The High Priest The Lovers the Traveller Strength The Hermit
Fortune Justice Sacrifice The End The Trial
Fear The Tower The Master The Rainbow The Sun
The Aeon The World The Night Balance The Light
Archangels Creation Protection Doubt The Sacrament
Adam Eve